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Morell Apiaries LLC  

Simply pure, raw honey.

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We are a family owned business located in Lisbon, CT.  We are situated on 70 acres, with a wide variety of wild nectar sources . Our beekeeping experience started in 2004 as a hobby.  Learning about the wondrous life of bees has been an amazing adventure for our family.  The bees continuously teach us new things.  Together with the Nye family, we now share the gift the bees give us with others.  Our honey is brought to you by a number of businesses in Connecticut.  We handle our honey with the utmost of care.  This allows us to provide our customers with pure raw honey, as nature intended.

Meet the Morell Family:

bee keeper, owner photo


Owner/Chief Operating Officer.

 Beekeeping, marketing,  harvesting, bottling, delivery, customer service...


Also known as 'Queen Bee'.  Proud mom and wife.  In charge of quality control and Web design/online marketing.

The youngest Morell

He enjoys beekeeping with his cousins and has been a beekeeper most of his life..  Beekeeping with children is an amazing experience, unlike any other.

Meet the Nye Family:
bee keeper, owner photo


Owner/Chief Executive Officer.

Beekeeping, marketing,  harvesting, bottling, delivery, customer service...

bee keeper, owner photo


The other Queen Bee.  Also the first queen bee's sister.  Proud mother and wife.  In charge of accounting.

bee keeping with children

The Nye boys

They enjoy beekeeping with their cousin, and working on the farm with their dad.